About The Bauman Group, Inc.


Founded in 1987 by Marcia Bauman, The Bauman Group, Inc. is a promotional training company.

  • The Bauman Group, Inc. creates new credit cardholders for major financial institutions and their co-branded and affinity partners.
  • We convince owners of franchises, co-ops, and dealerships to participate in new and exciting credit card programs.
  • We sign up decision makers at trade shows, through phone outreach, and in person visits.
  • Our team ensures that everyone is set up for success from the beginning of the relationship by sharing marketing materials, and telling stories relating to our partners’ brands.
  • Our enthusiastic sales team has experience and expertise helping people discover a credit card program’s features and benefits. We manage our clients’ relationships by raising the number of times their retail partners are contacted, increasing feedback to employees, and growing active participation in new initiatives.

Promotional sales and event marketing continue to be a Bauman Group key service offering. Our sales team introduces new products to the market, explaining features and benefits, and demonstrating product use. We work in pop-up stores, at large events, in stores, and at mall kiosks nationwide.

Bauman prepares retail store employees for changes in technology and supports employees when the changes take affect. Our trainers explain how to use new software and hardware, demonstrate new features and functions, and give hands-on practice to staff before there is a shift in technology. Our training team supports staff once the new technology is implemented by answering questions in-person; so that feedback is immediate and useful. We help retailers manage change for a more efficient and successful transition through encouragement and hands-on based experiences.