The Bauman Group, Inc. is a national promotional training company.

We specialize in training retail employee teams on new technology, marketing initiatives, and credit card programs. We promote our partner’s brands, services, and products directly to consumers.

These services overlap—our training sessions are promotional, and our promotions educate.



What We Do


We offer several training services, and work primarily in the retail, grocery, and financial industries. Our team has trained employees throughout the United States on marketing initiatives, updates to policies and procedures, credit card solicitation, and how to use new technology.

Training materials can be supplied by or created for a client. We utilize many different training methods to share knowledge—face-to-face, hands-on, just-in-time, lectures, presentations, seminars,  self-guided webinars, and online learning. Our trainers are open to working with teams using whatever delivery method fits the need of our client’s business. We love using new and innovative techniques and actively partner with new staff, individuals, and companies that can expand our training toolbox.




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