Trainer Spotlight: Ken Stein


Columbia, Maryland

Describe how your career as a trainer started.

I started training employees for various companies about 10 years ago, teaching new technology that came into the workplace.

Relax and listen to concerns from your students.Ken Stein

What has been your favorite moment as a trainer?

Watching the employees that I’ve training actually use the technology in their various businesses.

Please give some tips to a person about to train a class for the first time.

Relax and listen to concerns from your students.

What topics do you love to teach?

Two things. Anything that is hands-on and experiential and anything related to customer service.

What do you do to go the extra mile as a trainer?

Always give a little more of your time than is required. Your trainees will appreciate the extra time you spent helping them learn.

What celebrity do you think would be the best trainer? Why?

Blake Shelton. He’s funny and knows what he’s talking about.

Fun Fact About Yourself.

I can sing.

Anything else that you’d like to share?

Make sure everyone in your class feels intelligent and capable. You’re guaranteed to have much better results.