Emotional Impact


Naches and Fiero



No, that’s not a spelling mistake. Naches and Fiero are actual words that describe two of the primary emotions experienced during training sessions conducted by the Bauman Group. They are feelings that you have experienced, but may not have had the words to describe.

We seek to maximize these two emotions.







Fiero is what we feel after we triumph over adversity. You know it when you feel it – and when you see it. That’s because we almost all express fiero in exactly the same way: we throw our arms over our head and yell.Jane McGonigal


Fiero is the feeling we experience when we have successfully accomplished something, usually difficult. We see Fiero experienced during and after our training sessions.

New technology and new sales promotions have a level of difficulty that are challenging to staff in the field. People wonder if they will ever be able to master the steps necessary to use a new inventory system, a new point of sale device, or a mobile app. Convincing a customer about the value of a new credit card promotion requires a strong base of knowledge, and comfort in discussing the benefits of a credit card.

Our trainers know that everyone is capable of learning the new skills and developing themselves towards reaching new goals. By giving people the knowledge and practice through training, we help manage the change at the local and individual level. We enable the feeling of Fiero to be experienced quicker and more often. By increasing live feedback, offering tips and tricks as the person learns, and by giving encouragement, our trainers serve as catalysts for this emotion. Fiero translates to employees believing that they are capable and successful—increasing productivity and problem solving in the field.

Change is difficult. However, success feels good. It gives us a feeling of Fiero.





Naches is the yiddish word that refers to the pride a parent (or mentor) feels about the accomplishments of offspring.Paul Ekman
Coaches, mentors, and parents all spend a tremendous amount of energy and care to ensure that their “charges” are successful. Our trainers are no different.

We actively seek to hire trainers that work not just from their heads, but from their hearts. The feeling of Naches they experience through their efforts is simply vicarious joy. Our trainers are addicted to it, it is the internal motivation that drives their daily interactions.

Naches causes delightful things to happen during training. A bond is formed between our trainers and our clients’ team members. Our trainers are actively seeking to better the lives of those that they encounter. They take joy in the process of learning and in other people’s success. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Our focus on this feeling, and the relationship it creates, leads to positive training experiences. We love it, and we think you will too.